Steam and Water Analysis System in Power Plant

In the past few years, countries all over the world have been advocating low-carbon and environmental protection, which has led to the rapid development of clean energy such as nuclear energy, wind energy, solar energy, and biological energy. However, due to energy and technology issues, China's electricity production is still dominated by thermal power generation. Its stability Performance and safety directly affect the stability and safety of other units, and strengthening the understanding and monitoring of the circulation characteristics of the boiler water in the boiler system can effectively avoid the occurrence of abnormal boiler shutdown accidents. Therefore, the boiler The analysis of water cycle characteristics and the research of water cycle online monitoring systems have attracted greater attention. 

A centralized online monitoring system for boilers has been established to conduct unified monitoring and management of boilers in large areas such as cities. 

The system has real-time monitoring, efficiency analysis, ranking publicity, and data Functions such as query, abnormal alarm, work pipe, energy-saving technology display, etc., can effectively realize the modern management of the boiler and improve the overall operation level.