Industrial Waste Water Treatment

1,Basic purpose of a Sewage Treatment Plant

Remove sludge and precipitate out phosphates via chemical addition in primary clarification (e.g. Polymer, alum, ferric chloride)

Remove ammonium present in human waste through activated aeration (“the bugs”)…… NH4+ ------> NO3-  Remove the NO3- in the anaerobic stage…. NO3- -----> N2 + O2 (Nitrogen gas to environment).

In result: Reduction of total nitrogen

Remove of organic materials. Oxidization into CO2. 

In result: Reduction of total organic carbon


2,Typical Sewage Treatment Plant Design

3,Secondary Clarifier


Sludge level blanket

Detects a sludge overflow earlier than an effluent turbidity monitor.

Automates the discharge of waste activated sludge (WAS) based on the sludge blanket level.

Insures that a low concentration sludge with is not pumped to the biosolids stage.

Insures that there is always enough biomass to meet the changing demands of the plant

Allows sludge profiling 

Effluent control parameter monitoring




Ammonium  COD/TOC

Auto Sampler, for further lab test