Drinking Water Plant

Water is the source of life, and the safety of water quality plays an important role in people's life and health. 

With the improvement of people's quality of life, the safety of water quality has received more and more attention. 

Therefore, it is of great significance to people to conduct water quality testing on drinking water to ensure the safety of drinking water.


The importance of drinking water quality testing


Water quality safety is related to people's health. Once drinking water quality problems occur, it will potentially threaten human lives. 

The inspection indicators of drinking water include physical indicators, chemical indicators, water microorganisms and heavy metals. 

Some germs can be eliminated by high temperature treatment, but high temperature cannot eliminate heavy metals. Excessive heavy metals can cause cell necrosis and mutation. Long-term drinking of water with excessive heavy metals can cause poisoning and seriously threaten people's lives. 

Polluted water contains various bacteria and microorganisms. Long-term drinking can cause harmful substances to accumulate in the body, which can cause various diseases such as kidney stones, hepatitis, and stomach diseases. The longer the drinking time, the greater the harm. 

Because people did not pay much attention to the safety of drinking water before, the quality of drinking water often failed to meet the standard. 

At present, most of the rural areas have not established a special water quality inspection agency, and the water pollution in some places is quite serious. 

If it is not controlled, it will affect the water safety of the entire city.